My Sewing, As Promised

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I have pictures! Both camera batteries are now charged and ready to go, and I’ve vowed (again) to never let them both die (again).

Remember the Stash n Dash bags that I was prepping for my class right before I went on vacation? I managed to finish one of the three in class, and I finished the second yesterday.

Now all I have left to do is the little coin purse.

I love these bags. They’re cute, relatively easy to put together, and super useful. I, for one, can never have too many cosmetic bags. And look at the cute pleats:

I also finished my sewing case yesterday. Look at that! Top stitching! And a buttonhole! I used the spare button from an old blazer. My hoarding saving is paying off.

I want to do some more sewing today, but it was make-and-take day at MLO, and I have very inky hands. Even though I’ve washed them about 30 times, they’re still just purple enough that I’m not really comfortable handling fabric, you know? It was a fun M&T, though. The messy ones are always the best.


3 Comments on “My Sewing, As Promised”

  1. holly*

    i’m totally impressed by your buttonhole! well, all the projects are quite lovely. well done. and, yes, the messy m&t are the best…

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