Cutting and Pressing

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Tonight is sewing class, also known as my favorite night of the month. And! In an unprecedented display of preparedness and organization* I got all of my fabric cut and pressed ahead of time.

In fact, not only did I cut and press everything, I also basted all of the fabric pieces to their corresponding interfacing pieces, and then pressed again! Now all I have to do is assemble.


Normally I don’t even purchase my fabric until after class has begun. And normally, my unfinished class projects get piled up in the corner for me to work on months later. My goal tonight is to actually finish. It’s still a tall order, since we’re making not 1, not 2, but ALL THREE Stash and Dash bags from this pattern from Amy Butler. I’ll let you know how it goes.



*This is perhaps a little bit misleading. I’m prepared and organized for class, but don’t ask me if the laundry’s folded.

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