I’m A Girl Scout Leader Now

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Girl Scout Daisy

A couple months ago my daughter started kindergarten. That baby that I had only about a dozen posts ago? She’s almost 6. She goes to elementary school. Where does time GO?

I’m totally one of those moms who wants her kids to stay little forever, but the one thing I was really looking forward to with Allie growing up was Girl Scouts. I LOVED scouting as a kid, and could not wait to introduce it to my little girl. Unfortunately our school didn’t have a Daisy troop, so I signed Allie up with a school nearby. It was going to be kindof annoying to rush her from school to meetings once a month, and I was a little bummed that she only really knew one of the other girls in the troop.

Then a miracle happened, and her name is Meg. She’s the mom of one of Allie’s classmates, and she casually mentioned one day, “I signed up with Girl Scouts to be a Daisy leader. I’m hoping to get enough interest from our class to start a troop.” I immediately told her that not only was I interested, but I would help her in any way necessary to get the troop started. This quickly led to me registering as the troop’s Co-Leader. It seems so obvious now. For some reason I shied away from taking that first step of starting the troop, but thanks to Meg I ended up jumping in and I can’t be more excited.

Daisy Handbooks

I’m not kidding, I feel like I’ve found my calling. Obviously the craft aspect is totally my wheelhouse, but I can’t wait to take these girls camping and do science projects, and teach them how to be good citizens, and mold them into strong, powerful young women. When I taught them the Girl Scout Promise at our first meeting, I cried. And when we sang Make New Friends, I cried again.

Girl Scout Daisy

My mind is swirling with ideas and plans. And while I’m totally new to all of this and still learning the ropes, I’m so committed to making this troop successful. I’ve already started thinking about what these girls’ Gold Award projects might be.


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