J Crew Bubble Necklace Onesie

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A couple weekends ago I was at a baby shower for a friend where they had the ever-popular table laden with puff paints and plain onesies. I love this idea, in concept. How sweet to have a collection of cute little t-shirts decorated with love by your family and friends? In practice, however? Major crafty performance anxiety. I just sit there staring at this pristine white onesie thinking alright, Christy. You can do this. This should be your Thing. You need to come up with an awesome idea, and then you need to execute it perfectly, because God forbid you make something stupid and then every time Jamie puts it on her kid she thinks, “Christy made this, really? I thought she was good at this stuff. Doesn’t she have a craft blog? Ha!”

So yeah, I probably stressed about what to do for 10 minutes. My strategy for this kind of thing is the simpler the better. Easy shapes and not too many colors are key. Also, no writing. Puff paint is the worst to write with, and my handwriting is not nearly up to wearable standards.

I kept toying with the idea of doing a necklace, but I felt like just decorating the collar was a cop out. Then finally, it hit me. Does everyone not have the bubble necklace now? And is it fair that just because putting things around babies’ necks is a strangulation hazard this baby can’t be fashionable?

J Crew Bubble Necklace Onesie | www.inklingsandyarns.com

The result was far from perfect (even Jesse noticed how lopsided it was), and I only snapped one quick iPhone picture of it, but overall I’m pleased with the concept and satisfied with the execution. I plan to replicate this design for every girl baby shower I go to that does this activity for the next, well, forever. You’re welcome to do the same. Unless we’re at the same shower, in which case it was my idea first!

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