Happy Friday!

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I don’t have a craft today because I’m busy cleaning up the craft room in anticipation of my sister visiting. Whoever had the idea that the craft room should double as the guest room was insane. Oh, it was me? Huh. She’ll be here all next week, and then Allie and I are flying back east with her next Friday to see the rest of the fam. Our trip should coincide perfectly with the peak bloom of the National Cherry Blossoms, which is my FAVORITE, so I am stoked.

National Cherry Blossom festival

Speaking of housekeeping, you may have noticed a few changes around here recently, but in case you haven’t, allow me to play captain obvious and point them out to you.

First, and most notably, I’ve done a little design overhaul. I’m really digging this pinboard layout, but it’s still a bit of a work in progress. I’ll be streamlining it over the next few weeks, but for now let me point out my favorite new features. First, the menu along the top allows you to browse posts by category. So if you only want to see my posts about sewing, or want a full list of tutorials, all you’ve gotta do is click a button! There’s also a great search feature right at the top of the page. Just click the magnifying glass up there in the header and type what you’re looking for. While you browse, you’ll notice the sweet dynamic scrolling feature. Older posts populate as you scroll down the page, so there’s no endless clicking of “previous posts” to browse through the archives. Fun, right?

You may have also noticed the new BlogHer TV bar at the top of the page. They’ve got a pretty robust library of recipes, fashion and beauty tips, and funny videos that I’m really enjoying. I’m totally craving some buffalo chicken pizza now.

Anyway, these next two weeks will be a nice test of my mobile-blogging theory. Now that I can take my computer with me when I have no excuse not to post while I’m away, right? We shall see…

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