New Toy Tuesday: Screen Printing Kit by Jacquard

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I just received a full screen printing kit from Jacquard Products. Jacquard makes a ton of really awesome art products geared toward fabric artists. This is one of those times it pays to have friends in high places. One of my sorority sisters works for Jacquard, and she asked me if I’d demo their screen printing kits on the blog. Of course I jumped at the chance. Screen printing, as a hobby, is right up my alley. Lots of supplies? Check. A little bit messy? Check. The ability to completely customize my designs and never have to search for a non-existent paper/fabric/stamp again? CHECK. The only real question here is WHY DIDN’T I START THIS SOONER?

Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to start it. A certain someone (*meaningful look toward crib*) is cutting a top tooth. Oh, the crying. And the lack of sleep. I think this is how I was supposed to feel 8 months ago, but she was such a good sleeper back then she had me convinced this day would never come. You win this time, baby.

Anyway, the kit comes with a screen, a big squeegee (I love that word), a 2-part photo emulsion for burning the screen, transparencies, popsicle sticks (for stirring, not for making popsicles), instructions, and 4 pots of ink: White, Red, Blue and Yellow. I also got a couple of spare screens and a few extra inks: Rubine (a really pretty magenta color), Green, and Silver. I already have my first project planned out. It involves a black onesie, the silver ink, and some Pink Persimmon stamps. Can’t wait to get started, and to show it off!

2 Comments on “New Toy Tuesday: Screen Printing Kit by Jacquard”

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  2. Marcelo

    I’ve heard about this kit before, but never saw a review. Would love to hear your thoughts about it! Have you posted any follow up posts/pictures/videos of it?

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