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I got a chance to work on some of that to-do list today. Still haven’t knocked anything off completely, but I’ll get there. Eventually.

This morning I dragged all my sewing gear out into the dining room, figuring the baby has more toys out there and would sit still longer while I worked. Maybe that was true. She still didn’t sit still much. But between nursing and burping and diaper changes and fussing, I did manage to make some progress. Problem is, most of it isn’t really visible.

The blanket is constructed using 12 individually-quilted circles, which will eventually be sewn together in an interlocking pattern. It’s kindof quilting for dummies because there’s no binding and you never have to wrestle a huge quilt through a small sewing machine. But that’s good for me!

So today I got all my pieces cut, sewed all the fronts to the batting, assembled all 12 stacks of interfacing-batting-front fabric-back fabric, and sewed together 6 of my circles.

Once this step is finished, I’ll trim off the excess around each circle, and cut a slit in each to turn them right-sides out.

You may be wondering how I sewed those perfect circles. Why, it was with the circle attachment on my sewing machine.

You know how I loves me some accessories. It’s just a ruler with a moveable pivot pin that attaches to the arm of the machine. You pin the center point of the fabric to it and sew a straight line. The fabric feeds in a circle, and you barely have to touch it.

Here it is in “action.”

Als and I have book club tonight, but I hope to get some more work done after her bedtime.

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