Circle Quilt Part 2

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Two miracles happened today. First, a certain baby I know napped from 8 am to noon! I know, I still can’t quite believe it.

But second, and even more exciting, I finished my quilt!

It’s a small quilt; only about 17×30 inches. But that doesn’t matter because I started it and then I finished it and now I don’t have to say “I wish I could make a quilt” because I HAVE and I can do it again if I want.

I managed to get all the circles finished, turned, and pressed last night before I finally went to bed, so this morning it was just a matter of assembling it.

First I put together each row of 3 circles.

Then I sewed the rows together.

To sew down all the flaps, I worked in, I don’t know, squiggly rows. I’d start at one end and sew down the top of one square then the bottom of the next, then the top of the next. So I just had to guide the quilt in smooth curves rather than full circles or scallops.

It ended up being easier than I thought it would be. I did have a brief moment of stress when I realized I was running extremely low on thread with just a few rows of sewing left to do. On the last row I think I watched the spool more closely than I watched the quilt.

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