It’s That Time of Year

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When I have a million projects going on simultaneously, but I can’t post any of them because they’re surprises. And then I mail the surprises off, only to realize I haven’t taken pictures of them. So, although posting has been slow, crafting has most definitely not been.

There are a couple of things I can talk about:

– I’m knitting a Christmas stocking for the baby, even though she won’t actually need it until next year. At least she’d better not need it until next year. I am in no shape to give birth before Christmas. Anyway, it’s coming along well, if slowly. I’m being reminded of what a pain intarsia knitting is, but I’m about a 3rd of the way through the design, so in another night or two it will be back to straight knitting and pearling.

– I’ve finally finished making my baby shower thank you notes. Now all I have to do is write them. That’s on the agenda for tonight and tomorrow.

– In a moment of insanity, I decided to teach another Glitter Ritz class in January. I’m recycling two of the cards, but I still have to design the third. This started as part of my master plan to stay busy enough in the last few weeks of pregnancy that I won’t get antsy when I pass my due date. What I didn’t take into consideration before formulating this plan was the possibility of delivering before my due date. So let’s all hope that doesn’t happen.

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