Happy May and A Giveaway

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Can someone tell me where April went? Really, I need to know. So much has been going on and I feel like the days are flying by faster than I can handle. My head is spinning with stuff. Such as:

You may remember that last week my husband and I put a bid on a house, but the owners decided to hold out for more money. Well, they changed their minds (which we totally knew was going to happen) and now we’re under contract. Here’s hoping that May is a little longer than April, because provided all goes well with inspections and financing, I’m going to have to pack up and move before June.

My birthday is coming up, and I’m turning th–, thirrrrr–, a year older. I feel like simultaneously celebrating and, I don’t know, hiding under the covers all day and pretending it’s not happening. Jesse will not let me rent a moon bounce, so right now hiding is winning out over celebrating.

Ah, what the heck, let’s celebrate. My life may be crazy right now, but it’s a good kind of crazy (just like me). So in honor of my birthday, and National Scrapbook Month, and the fact that I just feel like giving away a bunch of stuff, let’s have a party. I’ll supply the presents. What will they be? Only some of my favorite things. Copic Markers, Spica Pens, Stamps from Hambo and TSB, Distress Inks. The grand prize will contain thirrrr—a lot of—items in all, and I promise they’ll all be good.

You have until Midnight PST on May 31 to enter. All you have to do is:

1. Leave a comment on this post. Tell me how you would (or did) celebrate your [Number That Shall Not Be Named]th birthday.
2. Like Inklings and Yarns on Facebook.
3. Become a follower (via the “Join This Site” button on my sidebar).

That’s three possible chances to win. But wait, there’s more. You can get 2 bonus entries if you link to this post from anywhere on the internet (facebook, twitter, your personal blog, whatever). I’m not going to make you put a blinkie in your sidebar or write a whole blog post about me, just a quick mention. Be sure to leave a link to your link in the comments to get your bonus.

Oh, and be sure to come back and visit throughout the month, because  I just might do some random early drawings and mini-contests, but I don’t know when. (HINT: My birthday might be a good day for one.)


31 Comments on “Happy May and A Giveaway”

  1. Angela Pachucki

    My husband, your father, threw a surprise party for me on my thirrrr– birthday at granny and moredad’s house. I still have the pink suit that I wore that night (which, by the way Laura wore last year for Easter) if you would like to borrow it. I would also like to mention that I had three children by that age!

  2. Sara

    I celebrated the infamous birthday a couple months again with some French food with my husband and family.

  3. MaryRita Winpisinger

    Your mother might have had three children by thirrr–, but, her older sister, me, still had six more years of the single life, and still managed to have two children. My six cousins threw a huge surprise party for me for my thirrr– birthday.

  4. Joy

    I have already celebrated thirty, and let me be the first to tell you that you have nothing to hide from – each year life brings new surprises and reasons to smile! The thirties for you and Jesse will mean officially buying your first home together … sounds like great start to a decade to remember!

  5. GardenOfGrace

    Happy Birthday, er, condolences. That birthday was so long ago, I don't remember what I did, but for my most recent decade change, DH took invited our extended family to a favorite local restaurant to celebrate. I went on over to Facebook to like your site, and I'm headed on over to put a link on the side bar of my blog. Here is the link:

    Momo sent me and I'm a new follower.

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  7. Cindi L

    Thirrr… can't remember that far back – oh wait I had 3 children by that time too! I embrace EVERY day – remember it's just a number and it's how you feel and behave. My kids keep telling me to act my age but I REFUSE. LOVE your scrapbooking, cards, designs, etc. Very jealous of your creative mind. I am a follower!!!
    Love you. Cindi

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  9. Whitney

    I've got a few years before I get to celebrate that fabulous birthday! I'm not sure how I'll celebrate or where I'll be living at that point (my husband is in the Air Force). I would love to get all dressed up and celebrate with all of my family and friends, but it will all depend on where we're stationed. One thing is for sure though, I will definitely have a fabulous and delicious cake!

    I love your blog and seeing all of your ideas and creations!

  10. mytonks2

    Well as far as Remembering ….What was I talking about…Oh ya… I really don't remember to much ,It was a while back…But I always try and enjoy the moment no matter what year it was or is!! Thanks for the great Giveaway and I love your new place here!! I am a brand new follower. I found you through Momo and Thanks Momo for helping me reach 200+ followers!
    ilovetonkinese2 at hotmail dot com

  11. Pankti

    I would love to celebrate my birthday with my husband with some unexpected surprise(of course pleasant ;-)). A kind of surprise I got some years back when he flew half the world to wish me Happy Birthday. Yes you read correctly, half the world…

  12. Rebecca Minor

    can't remember that far back … embrace EVERY day… remember it's just a number and it's how you feel and behave… Granny always said you are as young as you feel…I was 35 for 5 years..40 so hard for me..
    I have blog candy you can win
    Become a follower today http://buzzybeedesigns.blogspot.com
    Rebecca Minor

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  14. Marina

    I'm a new follower.
    I took your class "10 cards 10 techniques" and I liked it a lot. Thank you.
    My birthday is in May too. I like surprises. :)
    Happy birthday to you!

  15. Chris C.

    Thank you so much for the mysterious blog candy! How exciting! I'm sorry you're 21 again. I've made you a friend on Facebook, I've become a follower, and am leaving a comment. Does that count as three? LOL

    Mother's Day this year was interesting. DS forgot. He got caught up with Easter and thought that Mother's Day is next Sunday, LOL. So, that's when I'll expect a phone call and card. He lives in Oregon. I can't get upset. My b-day is later in May, so he's focusing on that, LOL. Things like that happen. Easter was so late. So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Gotta love 'em.

    Thanks again for the blog candy offering. What a kind gesture and Happy birthday to you!

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  17. Ashley Pieper

    I'm a new follower/facebook fan & I'm leaving a comment = 3 entries, right!?!

    I would celebrate my birthday doing exactly whatever it is I wanted to do… It's your day!!

    P.S. – This sounds like an awesome giveaway! So glad I found it!!!

  18. Sara

    when i became a lady of a certain age, my husband gave me the bestest present ever. He vacuumed the whole house, he shampooed all the carpets on the second floor, he detailed my bathroom, and he bought me a new fuzzy blanket, which he pre-washed and used it to re-make the bed upon which everything was freshly washed including the mattress pads. oh, and all of it kind of needed done, but i had never asked, let alone nagged for any of it. i was so happy, that i didn't even care that caring made my new status as "a lady of a certain age" so obvious. that's how i roll. and i sincerely hope your husband reads this comment. i know your birthday has passed, but remember husbands this could be a nice surprise for any day of the year!!

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  21. Heide D

    Gosh…I don't know how I would celebrate the "birthday that shall not be named", because I have been 29 for the last 10 years!
    I even had the kids going for awhile…until one had to pay attention and say:"HEY…. weren't you 29 last year"!
    Darn schools, make them learn things and get all smart!
    Enjoy your day age is just a number!

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  23. Christy Beans

    I'm already a follower, in fact, I followed you over from your old blog to the new one! Stalker! LOL My 30th birthday was spent partying, both at work and then with friends that night. Since my birthday (which happens to be this coming Saturday) was always right at the end of the school year (and after the semester ended in college), I missed out on all the bring-cupcakes-to-school kind of fun. So, now that I'm an 'old lady' and should be past all that, I live it up bringing treats to work. My inner child has a great time every year. =) Age still doesn't bother me apparently, because I haven't experienced any stuttering or hesitation when people ask me which birthday this one will be (hint: next year I hit the next milestone after yours). Although, I do wonder where the heck all that time went. Pretty soon I'll be saying, "when I was a kid…" Heaven help me. Ah, well… Hope your birthday month was great and that this year brings you more happiness than you thought possible. =)

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