Home Again, Home Again

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Don’t you just love the lazy week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve? It used to be my favorite time to get work done without interruption.

Of course, given that the deadline for basically everything I was working on was Christmas, I’ve been staring at my unusually clean desk, waiting for inspiration to strike. It will come, I’m not worried.

As I mentioned on Christmas Eve, we had a fantastic time back home with our families. I spent the first half of Christmas Eve furiously finishing the two Christmas stockings.

They came out quite well, if I do say so myself. Down to the last minute I was working under the assumption that I’d have to re-make Jesse’s next year, because there were so many holes from all the color changes, but I was able to fix them all while weaving in the ends, which made me ridiculously happy.

After we dropped them off at my parents’ house to be hung by the chimney with care, we headed out to dinner with my in laws. It’s their tradition to eat every year at Mama Ayesha’s, which is a fabulous Middle Eastern restaurant in Woodley Park.  

Christmas morning we headed back to my parents’ house.

Mrs. Claus had brought all the girls matching PJs.

Oh my gosh, they were so comfortable. None of us changed out of them until dinner.

Here’s another picture of the stockings, all together. The colors aren’t a perfect match, which adds to both the charm and my mother’s annoyance. 

Shortly after breakfast, we broke out the Genny Cream Ale (my dad and brother’s favorite). You might think, based on this picture, that my husband was the ringleader in this, but really I think it was Joy.

Once we were each at least one ginormous beer in, we broke out some old gingerbread cookie decorating kit that my mom has probably had since the mid-80’s (she claims it’s only been a year). We don’t have pictures of this incident, because the mess was so big we had to put the cameras away to protect them. Suffice it to say my mom and dad will be finding sprinkles on the floor for years to come.

When the beer dried up, we switched to the drink of the day: The Ornamentini.

My mom’s recipe was 1 part vodka, 2 parts cranberry juice, 1 part Sprite. My recipe was closer to 3 parts vodka, 1 part cranberry juice, 1 part Sprite. But, you know, same thing.

I had this many:

Notice the glass (complete with reindeer swizzle stick!) still clutched in my hand.

All in all, I can pretty confidently say it was the best Christmas ever.

3 Comments on “Home Again, Home Again”

  1. Your fairy godmother

    Yes, the stockings did turn out great…so did the card you sent…PERFECT down to the no signature! I feel honored to get one of the special cards. They have all been pretty in the pictures but in real life they are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you and Happy New Year to you and Jesse! (and the dog….)

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