Pet Peeve…and Herbert!

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I hate it when I forget to turn off my camera after uploading photos. I never realize it until I’m ready to take pictures of my work, and the battery takes hoooouuurs to charge.

So, that happened today. I went back through my iPhoto library to see if maybe I had anything old kicking around that I never got around to posting, but then I found these and got totally sidetracked.

This is from when we first got Herbert, last Christmas. Don’t even try to tell me she wasn’t the cutest puppy of all time.

This was her favorite toy. Her sharp little teeth would get stuck in it when she played, so she’d run around the house with it dangling from her mouth.

She had the tired puppy eyes routine down from the beginning.

“Who do you think you’re lookin’ at?”

Ten months and seventy pounds later, she’s still the cutest puppy ever.

I did make a few things today, with varying degrees of success. I’ll take pictures when the camera’s charged. Right now I’m off to knit, or write, or both.

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