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I just need to put this somewhere, so I’m putting it here.

No pictures today, because my desk is a mess and I don’t have any projects ready to be photographed anyway. No New Toy Tuesday today because the only things I’ve bought recently have been additions to various collections (Copics, glitter, distress inks; things you’ve heard me rave about enough times already).

Christmas Cards – I have mine about halfway done. I’ve also been commissioned to make some additional ones, which I need to get to work on. I’m hoping to be done making all Christmas cards by December 10.

Christmas Stockings – I slacked on these during NaNoWriMo, but now it’s NaKniUnYoFiBleMo (National Knit Until Your Fingers Bleed Month). I’m aiming to be done with the first one by December 12, and the second by Christmas Eve. If Jesse has a toe-less stocking on Christmas I’m sure he won’t mind.

Baby Hats – I have been contacted by 3 people regarding hats. I have not forgotten you. I’ll probably work on your hats when I feel like cramping up different muscles in my hands. Also, if any of you can wait until Christmas, crochet hooks are easier to get on airplanes than knitting needles these days.

NaNoWriMo – I’m done. 50,205 words, though probably only half of them are coherent. Now I get to go back to working on the story I was writing before nano, which is good because that one is almost all coherent.

Card Cupids – I want to make about 3 cards today to give myself a little lead time on our challenges. PS – Have I mentioned that Card Cupids is now doing weekly challenges? Head over there to check out our first one.

Crop Spot Blog – I mentioned before that I’ll be writing all about Copics on the blog for My first post goes up tomorrow, so be on the lookout for that. I just need to type up a tutorial for next week (all the coloring is done), and I left the store today with four varieties of white cardstock, so I can show how much of a difference your paper makes.

Christmas Shopping – The only store I like going to anymore is the craft store. I hope my brothers like pretty patterned paper and stamps. I kid. But seriously, I haven’t started yet.

All this is to say that I should probably stop blogging and start working, right?

3 Comments on “My To Do List”

  1. Joy

    One of your brothers would love some craft supplies for his wedding scrapbook, he's real excited about it! :-)

  2. Holly*

    if your bothers don't like the papers and stamps, they can just give them back to you. its the thought that counts, right?

  3. Tracy

    My daughter has done the National Novel Writting Month for about 3 yrs now. I love that she has a passion for writting. She completed her words as well ;)
    You do have alot on your plate.

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