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(See what I did there?)

I didn’t get a chance to make anything yesterday, because I spent the day shopping instead. I found out a craft store about 45 minutes from here is going out of business, and they have their entire stock priced at 40% off. I had to go. 40% off.

Since I’d already blown through my craft budget for October, I borrowed against November. And well, now that budget is gone, too. No more crafts for me until December 1. And I mean it this time.

I made out with a pretty could haul though, and I got 40% more stuff than I would have if I’d saved my money for November.

So what did I get, you ask? Well:

4 Cover a Card stamps from Impression Obsession. These babies are 5 3/4 inches square, so they’re perfect for card backgrounds. And the patterns are so cute. I got Crackle, Snowflakes, Map and Newsprint. I can’t wait to use them all.

Hero Arts Cling stamp. The floral brocade pattern is so pretty, and it’s a negative image, so the stamped portion is the background. This would look great in Distress Ink with a few spritzes of water for a watercolor look, or in sharp black for a pretty damask look.

6 sheets of Peel-Off stickers and Magic Tape. You already know how much I love these. They’ll be featured on most of my Christmas cards this year. I haven’t tried the magic tape yet, but it’s purpose is to transfer the negative portion of the stickers onto a card for a shadow image. Very fun and pretty.

Glitter Magnet cloth. It looks like a sheet of cheesecloth, and glitter sticks to it better than it sticks to anything else. This will be a huge help in making sure Herbert doesn’t turn into the magic sparkling dog.

2 Straight blades for my paper trimmer. My existing blade isn’t dull yet, but my grandmother always told me to “buy it when you see it, not when you need it.” Better to pay 40% less now and have them when I need them, then realize I need them and have to pay full price later, right?

6 Sheets of Christmas cardstock. For my cards. 4 of them just have pretty patterns on each side. The other two are actually made up of really cute journaling blocks that can be cut out and used on a bunch of different tags and cards.

1 pot of Glitter Ritz. Silver. Because it’s not the same color as Stardust. I swear.

1 Distress Ink pad. Bundled Sage, a very pretty earthy green.

3 Adirondack Alcohol Inks, Alcohol Blending Solution, Applicator Tool, and felt applicators. I’ve been wanting to try these for a long time. Unfortunately, I don’t have any glossy paper to try them on. I do have some metal though, so I might play with that a little later. The colors are Rasin, Pesto and Espresso; not quite Christmas colors, but an interesting twist.

4 Distress Crackle Paints. Vintage Photo, Pine Needles, Fired Brick, and Weathered Wood. The colors match the Distress Ink pads, of course. Ranger’s got a total racket going with the way all their products work together. You just have to collect them all. The paint surface cracks as it dries (in case the name didn’t give that away for you). Anyway, it’s a very fun effect.

1 Copic marker. I’d have bought more, but it was the last Sketch they had that I didn’t already own. YR21, which is nice because it’s one of the colors I discovered I needed during the coloring class I took on Wednesday.

And I think that’s it. Quite a haul, right?

Since I’ve only given you guys one craft this week, I’ll try to do a bonus post tonight. I just have to decide what to make.

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