Ballerina Birthday Invitations

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In T-minus 2 weeks my tiny little baby turns 1. I could lament the speed with which time insists on passing, or I could immerse myself in planning the best ballerina birthday party the internet has ever seen. I choose option 2. What’s all that? Oh… It’s not a ballerina [read more…]

Something Simple

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Here’s another thank you note I made, very different from the one I posted yesterday. This is actually the card I made on Saturday (World Cardmaking Day). I actually made two of these–one blue and one green. They’re simple, but they took me about as long to design as the [read more…]

I Love This Card

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Is it wrong to think so highly of something I made myself? If it is, I don’t want to be right. This is one of three thank you notes that I wish I could say I’d already mailed. I like it so much I’m thinking about scrapping the other two [read more…]