Ballerina Marci in Sepia

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This is the birthday card I made for my Moredad. His birthday was on the 8th, so I think (hope) he’s gotten it by now. He’s not on the internet much anyway so it’s not like this will be a spoiler for him. A dancing toddler is probably a strange [read more…]

Summer Fun Card

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I hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July. Ours was lovely. We started with a walk to the park to take Allie on the swings (I’m not sure who has more fun, her or me), then came home for a little cook out. I talked Jesse into making hot [read more…]

Shimmer Sheetz Keychain

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I finally bit the bullet last week and bought a mom car. It was getting harder and harder to wrestle the carseat in and out of my 2-door, and I needed something that could fit the baby, the stroller, the dog, and the various and sundry other gear that I [read more…]

Fine. Anniversary Card, it is.

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It’s a strange anniversary card. I was coloring this adorable Marci stamp from La-La Land Crafts that I got on Wednesday. I took Copic: Skin Tones and Hair Color with La-La’s owner, Irina, and we got to use the new line for practice. While I was coloring, I noticed that [read more…]

Redeeming Myself

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As ridiculous as it sounds, I was embarrassed enough by the poorly colored Christmas trees I posted yesterday that I wanted to post an example of my good work. How silly is it to take pride in your coloring skills? I worked hard in kindergarten and want you to know [read more…]