On the Road Again

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So, we leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow to catch our flight to DC. You might think a sane person would be packing and/or going to bed at a time like this, but I never claimed to be sane. I’m really looking forward to spending a week+ with friends [read more…]

Hi From South Dakota

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I’m writing this from the living room of my grandparents’-in-law. Jesse, Herbert and I left San Jose on Friday evening and arrived yesterday afternoon. You might think three days of driving with a husband and a dog–while 6 months pregnant–would be a drag, but we had a great time. We’re [read more…]

Time Flies

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My first post was on September 12, 2010. That means a whole year has gone by and I’m still blogging. Quite the accomplishment for me, let me tell you :o) [read more…]

Still Glowin’

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I have my Wordpress dashboard set up to show one line of the song “Hello, Dolly” in the top right corner every time I log in. I don’t know why, but it makes me smile. Anyway, I’m in the middle of a short, unexpected break from crafting. I hope to [read more…]