Whiskey Bouquet. This Totally Counts As A Craft

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Whiskey Bouquet | www.inklingsandyarns.com

People tend to have strong feelings about Valentine’s Day. Jesse and I don’t. We celebrate it, but generally in the most minimal way possible. This year I decided to get a little (a very little) bit crafty. While I was at BevMo picking up a bottle of his favorite whiskey, realized that just handing him a bottle of booze wasn’t particularly romantic. So I grabbed a lot more bottles of booze (a dozen, in fact), and fashioned a nice little bouquet out of them.

Whiskey Bouquet | www.inklingsandyarns.com

All you need is a vase, some tissue paper, and a bunch of chopsticks and tape. Easy peasy! And it went over quite well.

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