My Sunshine {Layout}

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Doodlebug Flowers Close Up |

I made this layout ages ago, and I love it. Not sure why I never got around to sharing it.

You Are My Sunshine with Doodlebug |

This picture came from my “Weekly Rita” photo series from Allie’s first year. She was 35 weeks here, or not quite 9 months. The chair I always photograph her on sits in front of a window that gets lots of mid-day sun, so I was always having problems with her baldy head being over-exposed. But I always loved the way this one looked like she was looking directly into the light.

My Sunshine Layout |

The patterned papers are from the Sugar and Spice line by Doodlebug (linked below).  This is one of those lines where I just wanted to use ALL the patterns. Instead, I settled on three and a few Bazzill solids. I used the pink as my base paper and sewed strips of all the others down to it.

Doodlebug Layout |

The flowers were painstakingly cut from the paper, and the letters were white foam stickers that I airbrushed with a Copic. Probably YG05 or 13.

In 10 days, this sweet little baby will be 2. I can’t believe time has flown so fast, but I’m finding every day with her to be more delightful. It’s so fun to look back and share old photos, and it makes me look forward to every new photo we’ll take.

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