Crazy. Simple. Notecards.

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Crazy Simple Notecards |

Crazy Simple Notecards |

My mom as been bugging asking me for a stack of simple notecards she can use as gift enclosures and such. I’ve been putting off making them because it’s one of those projects that’s so simple you never get around to it.

Flowers and Buttons Notecard |

Finally, I was at a crop a few weeks ago and ran out of projects to do. So I picked a couple of cute patterned papers, cut them, slapped them on some coordinating colored cardstock, and was basically done.

Striped Note Card |

Well, I embellished a little. For two of the sets, I dug through my random button collection and added little accents.

ice cream cone card |

On the ice cream cones, I went even more simple and used a bit of Diamond Glaze to add a pop of dimension and shine to part of the pattern.

I put them in the mail yesterday, but I do not think for a second that this will stop my mom from making more requests.

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