Beatles Birthday Party – A Guest Post

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Today, I’m hosting a guest post from my friend, Michelle, who has the coolest 3 year old you will ever meet. She threw him a Beatles themed birthday party that is SO pinterest-worthy. You will die when you see all her cute decorations, and how much detail she put into everything. 


Hi! I’m Michelle, and I have quite possibly the coolest kid on the face of the planet. He pretty much came out of the womb obsessed with music, and somewhere around his second birthday he developed an interest in the Beatles that has since blossomed into a full-blown obsession. Seriously, this kid eats, sleeps, and breathes John, George, Paul and Ringo. He can name most songs within a few notes and tell you what album it’s on and which of the four is the lead singer for that particular song.

So, when it came time to plan his third birthday party, the Beatles seemed an obvious choice for a theme until I realized there isn’t a lot of stuff readily available for a kids Beatles party. It was time to start making my own.

The obvious first step was the invitation. As “Come Together” is his favorite song, and Abbey Road is his favorite album (yes, my three year old has a favorite Beatles album) I figured I’d start there. I found photos of the front and back of the album cover and created my own illustrator template to create the sleeve. Then, I designed the center of the record to be the actual invitation and spent a lovely evening assembling. Bonus, knowing you have to hand make the invitations makes you stop and consider just how many people you actually want to invite.

Beatles Birthday Party Invitations |

From there, I started thinking about decorations. I cut several lyrics from Beatles songs out of colored paper (in hindsight, card stock probably would have been better since the humidity in Mississippi wilted my Ss rather quickly).

Beatles Birthday Party Song Lyric Banners |

I also cut strawberries out of card stock for our very own “Strawberry Fields Forever”…

Beatles Birthday Party Apples and Strawberry Fields |

and apples to hang in the trees to go with my favorite piece of all:

Beatles Birthday Party Yellow Submarine |

the five-foot-long yellow submarine made out of foam board. I can’t believe how well it turned out, and he was sooo excited to see it the morning of his party.

Beatles Birthday Party Yellow Submarine Process |

I traced the entire submarine in illustrator to make a template and then used that template to cut out the submarine itself and all of the decorations, using my trusty number 11 exacto. Then, I outlined everything with a black paint pen.

Because by this point I had lost my mind, I also cut the Abbey Road silhouettes out of foam board.

Beatles Birthday Party Abbey Road Silhouettes |

The table decorations were fairly low key as I simply printed Beatles album covers out on photo paper and let them carry the load.

Beatles Birthday Party Table Decorations |

My final craft was the favor bags. They were really more of an afterthought, but wound up being almost everyone’s favorite. Again, I fired up my trusty Illustrator to create the images myself and then printed them out a tiny bit larger than the cheap paper bags I had picked up at the craft store. Then, I just glued them on and trimmed off the excess with an exacto and straight edge.

Beatles Birthday Party Treat Bags |

After the decorations were done, I turned to food. Most of the food was just your standard party fare, but I did make custom Beatles hair cookies. I found a photo online with silhouettes of the Beatles hair through the years and picked my favorite year to print. Then, once I had made and iced the cookies and let them dry overnight, I cut the hair silhouettes out of card stock and traced them on the cookies in edible marker. Hair has never looked so delicious.

Beatles Birthday Party Cookies |

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll admit that this was my first attempt at decorating a cake with fondant. Let’s just say I won’t be quitting my day job any time soon to be opening a bakery, but the three year old was suitably impressed and kept opening the fridge the night before the party to check out his “Help cake”.

Beatles Birthday Party Cake |

Overall, it was a LOT of work, but the party was a huge success, and he was so excited to see all the Beatles stuff. In the end, that’s all that matters. Plus, the submarine and Abbey Road figures are going on his wall when we redecorate his new “big boy” room. Next year, I’m totally not going to go crazy. Nope….totally not.

Beatles Birthday Party |

Anyway, a big thanks to Christy for letting me show off my hard work, and I hope it’s helpful to anyone else that finds themselves trying to plan a Beatles themed party.


What did I tell you? Amazing, right? Let’s all go make this lady the Pinterest-celebrity she deserves to be! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go sign up for Illustrator classes…

34 Comments on “Beatles Birthday Party – A Guest Post”

  1. Janna

    The best party ever! My kids are McCartney Winston and Starkey Jude, I plan on doing a different Beatles themed party for them each year ( until they are old enough to stop me). Do you have a template you can share for the treat bags?

  2. Amber

    Would you happen to be willing to share your template for the cardboard submarine? I am throwing a similar party for my one year old. Thank you!

  3. genna

    could you please send me the pictures on the favor bags i think that is the coolest thing!
    im having a beatles surprise birthdayfor my mom

  4. Christy

    Hi All,

    Unfortunately, Michelle’s computer crashed recently and she lost the files to the treat bags. We’re so sorry not to be able to share them.

  5. Nancy

    Love your party ! You are very creative !
    I would like to do record placemats. I found plastic records. How did you get the label you say it’s your birthday? I would love to do that at my party.

    I would appreciate any help you could give me.

    Thanks so much


  6. Meleasa Minton

    Love your party ideas! My son is 3.5 and also has an obsession and love for the Beatle.. He has the Beatle dolls (and he never leaves home w/out at least one).. And he listens to the songs and watches the Youtube videos daily. He also can name the song and the lead singer w/only a few notes played.. I didn’t think it was possible for another child so young to have such an infatuation with the Beatles, but I am so glad there is/was??.. We are planning on giving him a Beatles themed birthday so I will use many, if not, all of your ideas — I wish I was a better artist — love what you guys did!! Thank you so much for posting!!

  7. karen

    What a fantastic idea for a birthday. I am searching for something for my husband who is a HUGE Beatles fan. Would you be willing to share your template for the yellow submarine and abbey road. These would be great decorations. If so, please email me at

    Thank you


    1. jennifer

      Hi karen
      i am doing the same for my husband,how did it go
      did you find any beatles idea
      please share if you did
      thanks jennifer

  8. Brooke

    What a great job! I stumbled upon this while researching ideas for my mom. I am doing a Beatles theme 60th birthday for her at a theater and we are going to watch A Hard Days Night.I love what you did. I would also love to have a copy of the pictures for the treat bags and hair cookies, if you still have them. Thank you for sharing. =)

    1. jennifer

      Hi brooke
      how did the beatles party go.
      Did you find any ideas if so please share as doing a party and looking for ideas

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  10. Danielle

    i would also love the templates. My granpa turns 64 this year and is a huge Beatles fan. I want to have a huge “when I’m 64” party. He’s such a selfless person and I want him to feel that same love.


  11. Barbra


    It’s been a while since you posted these great ideas!

    BUT….is there any way you could send me templates for the Abbey Road

    figures, and the Yellow Submarine??

    We actually hire the Fab Four for a party…and these would be awesome to have!

    I will be happy to pay for them. Or….Pay YOU to make them for me.

    Thanks so much

    Barb Diethich

  12. Karyn

    I loved the Abbey Road silhouettes…where did you get foamboard big enough for these life-size Beatles? Hopefully, I can make these for my hubby’s 60th birthday party in August. Thanks

  13. Joe Munoz

    Hi, we’re throwing a Beatles party for my 60 years old father in law, he’s a super Beatles fan, I loved the bags you had, is there a way you can send me a front picture of them? or even better if you have the digital file, I’d really appreciate it.

    thanks a lot.


  14. joanne

    I would love it if you would share anything you have left or give me your best tips on how to do this myself. My husband is turning 64 august 6 and I want to give him a surprise Beatles birthday and theme song, ‘WILL YOU STILL NEED ME WILL YOU STILL FEED ME WHEN I’m 64″ …. Please help me with ideas. I want the strawberries, album covers on cd’s for table décor, would love to know how to make the silloettes of each beatle, and how did you get the song titles banners? please e mail me please.

  15. Erica

    Our kids need to be friends! Mine had a John Denver themed fourth birthday and has requested Beatles for his 5th. He names all the songs as well and none of the other kids understand him they look at him and wonder why he doesn’t want to play power rangers instead of tell you that some song was on the white album. Haha.

  16. Ellie

    Michelle, you are amazing. I’d have killed to have had a Beatles party when I was a kid (I was 9 when I got into them!) Your little boy has such good taste :-)

  17. Winnie Rafael

    OMG! I wish I’ve seen your page before my brother’s Beatles theme birthday last year! We still had a great time but your ideas are great! I couldn’t find any cutouts in the web or stores. What we added is name that Beatles tune and they were going against my brother, they get prizes if they get it before my brother. You’re very creative, thank you for the great ideas!

  18. Sunny

    Congratulations on all your work. It’s beautiful and tasteful. If u are willing to share the template for the submarine and goofy bags I would be so happy. Let me know. Happy to pay for the work. Best, sunny

  19. Emma

    My 3 year old absolutely loves The Beatles and is having a Beatle themed party this year. If possible, would I be able to get a copy of the template you used for the party bags? They are fantastic!!

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