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On Sunday Allie and I had a joint playdate with our friends Amanda and Eva from Nothing to Waste. Amanda is amazingly organized, and wanted help making labels for her gluten free flours. I am not so organized, but I do have a lot of craft supplies. Allie and Eva have neither craft supplies nor organizational skills, but they contribute greatly to the cuteness factor.

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Here they are thinking a glass door is a mirror. They’re both wondering what happened to their hair. But I digress.

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We started out by printing out the names of each of the flours, then cutting them out with Spellbinders Nestabilities Labels 11. The girls loved helping with my Big Kick.

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Well, Eva liked helping. Allie liked eating apples.

assembling labels | www.inklingsandyarns.comAfter all the labels were cut, I cut mats using the die the next size up. I think we used dies 3 and 4 for this project. Then we broke out the wine and started gluing them together.

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The finished product was adorable. Look how great they look all lined up in her cabinets!

gluten free flour labels |

Thanks, Amanda and Eva, for the fun craft day!

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