Crabby Mother’s Day Card

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So. Remember that time not quite a year ago when I had the ill-advised idea to put my baby’s handprints on our Father’s Day cards and it was a disaster? I decided to do it again for Mother’s Day. Because I’m a genius, apparently. I hear there’s a very fine line between genius and insanity, so let’s pretend I’m just on the right side of it.

Because look how cute they turned out.

crab hand print card

As a Marylander, I try to incorporate crabs into my crafts as often as possible. That…sounds weird. Forget I said that.

hand print crabBut really, how cute are the googly eyes?

As you can no doubt imagine, getting a 15-month-old’s handprints is no easier than getting a 6-month-old’s. Actually, it’s harder. It took us 2 days to make 3 cards. Day one was the right hand. Allie thought it was lots of fun to get red paint smeared all over her hand. But it was Not Fun At All to put her hand on the paper. Sigh. Instead, she put that paint-covered hand in a bowl of Cheerios, on the hard wood floor, ALL OVER the coffee table, and on my face. Thanks, kiddo. Starting the process over again with her left hand was pretty much unthinkable by that point. So instead I waited until the next day and traumatized her all over again.

But, you know, worth it.

hand print card(Some of you (mostly my family members) will ask why there are no pictures of this event. To which I say, Puh-lease. I’ll take red paint on my hardwood floors, my furniture, my clothes, and my face. But I’m not letting it anywhere near my camera.)

2 Comments on “Crabby Mother’s Day Card”

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  2. Kristie Hilbert

    I love your crab design, but WHAT did you write on the card that went with the crab topic ? I want to do the design on a tote bag as a mother’s gift, but having a difficult time coming up with something to write. I have a couple of ideas, but interested in yours! Thanks!

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