Alphabet Blocks Wall Art: Nursery Decor

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This post has been a loooooong time coming. I had the idea for this project before Allie was born, I made it back in October, hung it a few weeks ago, and finally got around to taking pictures today.

Wooden Block Wall Hanging |

Honestly, back when I was planning out the nursery, I thought this was such an obvious idea that there must be something like it already made, but I searched high and low for it, and never found anything. And when I finally decided to make it myself, I had the hardest time finding all the necessary supplies. It wasn’t until a Hobby Lobby opened nearby that I finally found everything I needed.

Wooden Block Wall Hanging L |

Michael’s and JoAnn’s just don’t have a great selection of craft wood, and what they did have was never the right sizes. But finally I found these frames, these 9 1/2 inch letters, and these 12×12 sheets of plywood.

Wooden Block Wall Hanging E |

I sanded everything really well–some of the letters weren’t cut perfectly, and I went a little nuts sanding the random humps until the edges were smooth–then painted with acrylic paint. The red, orange and yellow white all covered just fine in one coat, but for some reason I needed two coats of the blue and green.

Wooden Block Nursery Decoration |

Once all of the pieces had dried completely, I used Elmer’s wood glue to attach the letters to the plywood sheets. Then I stacked books on them until the glue dried. I just used the fasteners on the frames to hold the plywood in and didn’t worry about gluing them.

To hang them, I used standard hooks and nails, but I also put a square of wall-mounting tape on each corner for added security. We live in an earthquake zone, and the lowest ones are definitely targets for curious little hands. Although as long as there are better toys around, she doesn’t seem to notice.

Allie's blocks |

The whole project only took about 3 days of actual work. I just decided to spread them out over 2 years.


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9 Comments on “Alphabet Blocks Wall Art: Nursery Decor”

  1. Heather may

    I LOVE this!!! I too am a crafter starter…I say starter because I start them and then sometimes finish them! I can totally see myself doing this one though!! LOVE IT!

  2. Sarah

    Cute idea!! Love this idea! You could even do it in a playroom! Love it looking for some easy playroom decorating ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for coming by and joining our Blogging Bonanza Party @ Thank You Honey Blog!

  3. Leah

    These are really cool. I am looking to get my son’s room in order and these might be perfect! Thanks for sharing at the Frugal Fit Family Friday Linky Party!

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