J Crew Bubble Necklace Onesie

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A couple weekends ago I was at a baby shower for a friend where they had the ever-popular table laden with puff paints and plain onesies. I love this idea, in concept. How sweet to have a collection of cute little t-shirts decorated with love by your family and friends? [read more…]

A Baby In an Easter Dress

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Allie’s Easter pictures went much more smoothly than her Christmas pictures. This had most to do with the fact that I wasn’t trying to get the OMGPERFECTPICTURE for a card, and instead just wanted a few snaps of her in her dress and with her basket. Plus, I was able [read more…]

Easter Egg Dye Reviews

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Last week I posted a quick roundup of ways to decorate easter eggs. As promised, I tried a few of the methods myself, and will review them here. The Shaving Cream Method. Grade: D This was the technique I was most excited to try. It seemed so delightfully messy, and [read more…]