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This is a post about how easy it is to use Glitter Ritz (or Elizabeth Crafts Silk Microfine Glitter as it’s now marketed).

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Jesse has a few friends in town this week, and we spent Tuesday evening drinking beer and gossiping and drinking beer, and I jokingly asked them if I could teach them a craft so I’d have something to blog about this week. Surprisingly, they agreed. (Well, my husband didn’t agree, but he hates fun.)

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Since I was throwing this “lesson” together rather quickly and the guys weren’t at their most…coordinated, I wanted to show them something relatively simple that would still have impressive results. So I broke out the glitter and had them make rainbow ATCs. Yes, the design is somewhat inspired by certain Supreme Court hearings of note over the last few days, but mostly I chose the plain rainbow for it’s (obvious) colorfulness and near-idiot-proof simplicity.

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The cards are 3 1/2 by 2 1/4 inches. I covered a sheet of cardstock with Be Creative Tape and then cut the cards to size. Then, using an Xacto knife, I cut through just the tape backing at 3/8th inch intervals. All the guys had to do was peel away one strip of backing at a time, brush on the glitter, and burnish. It took them about 10 minutes from start to finish, which (don’t tell them I said this) is actually a pathetically long time, and the mess was…not very well contained at all. But still, not bad for a first attempt.

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Thanks for being good sports, guys!


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  1. Juanita in OH

    Wow, this looks like it turned in to an even greater evening! How very nice of you to share this with the guys…I LOVE it and they did an awesome job. TFS.

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