10 Awesome Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

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Dying Easter Eggs is possibly my very favorite craft. As a kid, it was one of the few times a year my mom was totally okay with letting us do anything remotely messy, and I’ve never really lost the excitement that comes with creating these little edible works of art.

egg-dying techniques | inklingsandyarns.com

I’ve seen some really awesome techniques pop up on Pinterest over the last few weeks, so I thought I’d do a little round-up for anyone who wants to try something new this year. I want  to try ALL of these, though I’ll probably only manage a few. (I always do my dying on Holy Saturday, but I’ll be sure to review which ones I liked best next week.)

1. Watercolor Easter Eggs from SpoonForkBacon.

photo by spoonforkbacon

How pretty are these? The tutorial recommends just spooning the dye over the eggs, but I bet it would be even easier with an eyedropper.

2. Sharpie Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs by Housing a Forest.

Photo by Housing A Forest

Note that because this method uses Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol, these eggs are not edible. But that means you can do this one with blown eggs and keep them around forever!

3. Sprinkled Easter Eggs by StudioDIY.

Photo by StudioDIY

This is another non-edible egg, though I’m wondering if there’s an edible adhesive that may work, like some kind of simple syrup. May be worth some experimentation, because how pretty would this look in a basket?

4. Shaving Cream Eggs from Eagle 106.3

Photo by Eagle 106.3

This one has all the elements of the perfect egg-dying technique. Mess, bright colors, swirls…how have I not tried this yet?

5. Scratch-Off Eggs by Blog Me Mom.

Photo by Blog Me Mom

This one would be super fun for kids, though mine is still a little young yet.

6. Silk-dyed eggs by Boulder Locavore.

Photo by Boulder Locavore

This is one of the first things I ever pinned. And this technique means a bonus trip to the Thrift Shop!

7. Rubber Cement Eggs by Parents Magazine.

Image by Parents.com

This is a fun twist on dip-dying that creates a really fun effect.

8. Tie Dyed Eggs by Better Homes and Gardens

Photo by Better Homes and Gardens

This technique looks super easy. All you need is paper towels, vinegar and food coloring!

9. Melted Crayon Art Eggs by Spoonful

Photo by Spoonful

These uber-trendy eggs look like a lot of fun to make. They require hot, just-boiled eggs, so it might not be the best project for little fingers.

10. Glitter Eggs by Martha Stewart.

Photo by marthastewart.com

And how could I not include a glitter egg in this list?

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