Glitter With The Guys

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This is a post about how easy it is to use Glitter Ritz (or Elizabeth Crafts Silk Microfine Glitter as it’s now marketed). Jesse has a few friends in town this week, and we spent Tuesday evening drinking beer and gossiping and drinking beer, and I jokingly asked them if [read more…]


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It’s with mixed emotions that I must share that this is my last week as a craft-at-home mom. Earlier this year, a good friend of mine told me about a job opening at her company, and I decided to throw my hat into the ring. Lo and behold, I was [read more…]

10 Awesome Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

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Dying Easter Eggs is possibly my very favorite craft. As a kid, it was one of the few times a year my mom was totally okay with letting us do anything remotely messy, and I’ve never really lost the excitement that comes with creating these little edible works of art. [read more…]

East Coast Fun

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Peek A Boo!

It’s all well and good to have the ability to blog while I’m on the road, but having things to blog about is another matter entirely. There has been precious little crafting going on since we arrived in Maryland on Friday night. The last 3 days have been basically filled [read more…]

Meanwhile, Elsewhere on the Internet

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Allie loves having her Aunt Laura in town. I love it, too, because while the two of them play/eat/nap together I can actually get stuff done. Unfortunately, none of the stuff I got done today was blog-worthy. So I figured since I can’t provide any decent content today, I’d direct [read more…]

Happy Friday!

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I don’t have a craft today because I’m busy cleaning up the craft room in anticipation of my sister visiting. Whoever had the idea that the craft room should double as the guest room was insane. Oh, it was me? Huh. She’ll be here all next week, and then Allie [read more…]