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Those of you that follow me on facebook know that my trusty mac pro bit the dust last Sunday. I left it in the hands of the Geniuses, and they assured me the problem is fixable. The bad news is that the problem is some tiny little cable that never needs repairing and they never keep on hand because yeah, it never needs repairing. So it’s taking for.ev.er to come in. So, without access to iphoto and photoshop I’m having trouble posting. Every day I have thought “this will be the day they call to tell me it’s fixed,” and every day I am wrong. The good news is I have lots of extra time for my Candy Crush addiction.

Anyway, while hobbling along with borrowed moments on Jesse’s laptop, I got to playing with a couple of new social networks. The first is Bloglovin. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s actually a really nice reader that lets you enter all the blogs you read, and updates you when they update. You can follow me and all your other favorite crafters there.

The other is Top Mommy Blogs. This is an awesome site full of great blogs on a variety of topics (not all mommy-related). Click the link in my sidebar to check it out.

I hope to be back to regularly-scheduled blogging real soon, but for I’m going to use some of this extra free time to take the Aldergator to the Children’s Discovery Museum in Sausalito. I think I’m more excited than she is.


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