Little Red Riding Hood Cape and Basket

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Here it is, my losing project from SYTYC. Poor Little Red. One last big thank you for all of you who went over there and voted. This competition really helped me cross some things off my to-do list, got me out of my crafting comfort zone, and forced me to learn a few new skills. I loved it. 

Who doesn’t love dress up clothes? Nobody, that’s who. My Little Red isn’t even old enough to understand what dress up is and she still loves this cape and basket I made her.

The cape is made from red stretch velvet and a little satin ribbon. I used one of her many hoodies as a template for the top, measured her from the shoulders to the floor, and just winged (wung?) it from there. The basket is made from soft cotton yarn, with an added bit of ribbon to match her cape. The basket is her favorite part. She loves to put things in it (most notably, Cheerios).

Even the Big Bad Wolf approves.

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