Ain’t No Party Like a Ballerina Party

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I’m back! My crazy week of birthday madness is over! It was so much fun, though. Big thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. Allie, Jesse and I are so lucky to have so many great friends.

Birthday week actually started the morning of Friday, the 25th, when my mom made Allie a very special pancake for breakfast. She ate it all.

On the 26th, her actual birthday, we had the East Coast Party. My mom certainly dedicates herself to a theme. You remember the tutu invitations…well we also had tutus and ballet slippers decorating the banisters,

ballet slipper lollypops,

tutu cupcakes,

and photo blocks hanging from pink balloons (which I sadly did not get a great picture of).

The birthday girl wore Ki Designs original onesie and a couture tutu by Mommy.

She refused the tiara.

But the cupcake was a huge hit. Look ma, no hands!

We’d barely recovered from that party by Tuesday morning, when our friend Michelle brought cupcakes to MLO so we could celebrate again. She ate that one with her hands.

Finally, we had our West Coast Party on Saturday evening. Mommy’s cupcake didn’t go over nearly as well as Grandmommy’s or Michelle’s. I’ll pretend it’s because she was already full on real food (mac and cheese, pulled pork, and a “baby buffet” of cereals and purees).

The whole week was a hit, and so many people helped us make it special. Thank you all!

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