Ballerina Birthday Invitations

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In T-minus 2 weeks my tiny little baby turns 1. I could lament the speed with which time insists on passing, or I could immerse myself in planning the best ballerina birthday party the internet has ever seen. I choose option 2.

What’s all that? Oh…

It’s not a ballerina party unless the invitations have tutus, amiright?

In fact, the entire theme for the party came from this invitation. I decided on it when I saw a similar design on Pinterest before Allie was even born.


My mom and sister are hard at work sending me ideas for favors and decorations. The three of us make a pretty good team. Mom’s the idea person, I streamline and simplify (and usually supply the tools), and my sister handles the graphic design. She drew the leotard for me in Illustrator, and I was easily able to trace it with my Pazzles software. I’m sure we’ll spend the entire Friday before the party assembly-line style getting everything ready. Too bad I didn’t have them here when I was making 21 of these babies. I could have used some help sewing on all that tulle.

I love them. I can’t stop looking at them. But I have to go make more for the west coast party.

8 Comments on “Ballerina Birthday Invitations”

  1. Emily

    These are adorable! I wish I had a little ballerina at home! (Why are little girl things so much cuter?!)

    1. Christy

      Thank you! It’s funny because I see so much adorable boy stuff that I wish I could buy. The grass is always greener or something!

  2. melody

    i really like this idea for my baby shower how could i do this ? or could i pay you to make them for me

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