Faux-Chenille Scarf

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I’m of the strong opinion that the only thing about cold weather is scarves. I love them, and no matter how many of them I have, I never have enough of them. I used to knit them all the time–possibly because they were the only thing I knew how to knit. Well, thanks to sewing class, I’ve just learned how to make the softest, warmest, cuddliest scarves, and in less time than it would take to knit! In fact, I finished this scarf in class with time to spare! I could hardly believe it.

If you can cut and stitch in a straight line, you can make this scarf. Actually you don’t even have to do either of those particularly well, because the fuzziness hides all your mistakes. It’s a simple matter of sewing multiple layers of fabric together on the bias, then cutting through all but the middle layer to get the fabric to fray. Can you tell what my fabric looked like before I cut it all up?

Yup, it was plaid flannel. My scarf actually maintained the plaid pattern really well, but with other scarves I saw you’d have no idea. I think it’s because this particular plaid has large blocks of color and high contrast. Other plaids, that had more colors and less contrast seemed to result in more random looking scarves.

You can get the full p pattern is from byannie. It’s super easy and fun and definitely worth the $8.95. I seriously want to make thousands of them. Too bad my Christmas shopping is mostly finished…

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