Why Yes, I Think I’m *Quite* Crafty

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For about a year, I’ve followed this really fun blog called So You Think You’re Crafty. Every few months, a new crop of craft bloggers is pitted against each other in a reality-show style contest of creativity.

So I finally got up the guts to throw my hat in the ring. This week is the “audition” round, and if my project makes the top 10 I’ll be an official competitor on the “season” that begins in January.

You know that project I worked on while my parents were here, that I hinted at a couple times but never shared? I didn’t share because I knew I’d be using it as my audition piece. And now you finally get to see it…except I can’t tell you which one it is. That’s right, the competition is anonymous. But I’d still love it if you head over there and check out all the projects, and vote for your favorite (which I hope will be mine)!

It looks like the competition is going to be fierce. There are some talented ladies in this group, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know them and their work.

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