Getting Back

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Last week we had my parents in town to visit the baby. We had a wonderful time sight-seeing, shopping, and crafting, but their visit left very little time for blogging. Still, I meant to write a post or two, until I came down with Strep about halfway through the week. As you can imagine, any motivation I may have had to write completely disappeared when I got sick. So yeah, sorry for the prolonged absence.

I’m spending today mostly resting and re-organizing my to-do list (it seems like I spend more time working on the list than actually completing anything on it these days). I did craft–a lot–while my mom was here, but the project I completed has to be kept under-wraps for just a little while longer. All this to say, after spending a week not writing anything, I still don’t actually have anything to write about. That will change tomorrow, though. I swear.

Meanwhile, here’s Allie in a bow. This happened a lot while Grandmommy was in town.

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