Halloween Layout

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YES I KNOW. I’m way way way behind on my weekly layouts. But I’m still doing them! I purposely skipped posting a couple because I liked them so much I decided to submit them to magazines. That means I can’t post them here until after I get rejected. And I’ve [read more…]

Advent Calendar Quilt

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The votes are in, and not only am I going to be an official crafter on So You Think You’re Crafty’s January season, my project received the most votes! Thank you to all of you who visited the site and voted. I hope you’ll all become avid followers come January, [read more…]

I’m Thankful for this Little Turkey

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Today, since getting home from work and running errands, I’ve been trying to get laundry done, bake a pie, clean the kitchen, finish two purses, keep the dog entertained, get the baby to nap, and write a blog post.  What can I say? I’m accomplishing some items on the list [read more…]