Glitter Ritz on Transparency Paper

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There’s something about Elizabeth Craft products that always has me reaching for my transparencies. Since Be Creative Tape and Highlight glitter are both clear, you can use them with Peel-Off stickers to create a nice stained glass effect.

Add some bright coloring with Copics and you have a happy little card.

The biggest challenge when creating with acetate is designing everything in such a way that the adhesive stays invisible. What I do is cover the back of the card with a sheet of white cardstock the exact same size. Then I cut the background paper for the inside slightly small so a frame of that white paper is visible.

The flower is stuck right on the front of the card. I did all my coloring and glittering on a piece of Be Creative Tape that wasn’t stuck to cardstock, then I cut it out and treated it like a sticker.

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