Beach Baby {Layout}

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I feel like I need to apologize in advance for the inevitable earworm this post is going to cause. Ever since I thought up this layout (like 3 weeks ago) I’ve been randomly busting out with “LONG HOT DAYS (do do do do do do) COOL SEA HAZE (do do do do do do) JUKE BOX PLAYS but now it’s fading AWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY (DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO!)*

But I digress. This is my week 3 layout for Scrap52 (I really gotta change that name). The pictures were taken at Trinidad beach in (real) Northern California. We drove up for a weekend in late September to hang out with some friends, and it was gorgeous.

It was Allie’s first trip to the beach, and as you can see, she was so fascinated with the sand she couldn’t be bothered to look up for a picture.

I’m really digging the simplicity of this layout. It took  lot of shuffling around before I realized if I just cropped the baby picture to the height of the landscape I could fit everything with a lot more white space (tan space?). I had a lot of fun with the edge distresser on this one, too. Allie enjoyed sitting by my feet while it snowed paper shavings.


*if, unlike me, you didn’t grow up with a mother who refused to listen to anything but oldies, here’s what I’m talking about.

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