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This kid. You guys. She will not sit still, which has made our weekly photo session an exercise in patience.

I normally select the best picture each week, and have plans to make a collage and/or album at the end of her first year. But there was no best picture this week. Instead, I have a whole bunch of this:

Allie, sit up please.

No, we’re not standing on the chair.

We’re not lying down right now, either.

Here. Hold Mommy’s keys.

Keys don’t look good in pictures. How about a tea cup instead?

No, don’t eat the teacup.

Don’t throw the teacup either.

Will you be good if Mommy holds the teacup? No? Okay you can have it back.


Herbert is not going to steal your teacup.

She’s really not. Please look at Mommy. Can I have the teacup back?

Whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA. Crawling off the chair is a really bad i…

And then we gave up.



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