It’s Time to Update the To-Do List

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Once again, my planned craft list is spiraling out in multiple directions. Here’s everything I’ve got planned for just the coming weeks:

– Scrap52 still needs a new name. It’s also (clearly) an ongoing project. I need to get this week’s picture printed.
-Weekly MLO make-and-takes. Next week we’re using ACTION WOBBLES (I love these things).
-Glitter Ritz cards. I have 5 straight weeks of classes coming up starting October 21. That’s 15 cards that need to be designed, photographed, and added to the MLO calendar.
-That Christmas stocking that’s been on my to-do list for oh, a year now, is still there. I did just buy more red yarn, so I can really get working on it now.
-I’ve been meaning to add hats to my Etsy store. Stay tuned.
-Ages ago I started an adorable applique pillow and  never got around to finishing it. Need to dig that out of the UFO pile.
-Remember that time I started re-hemming all my curtains? Not done yet.
-Pink Persimmon samples. I’m working on something AWESOME that can’t be disclosed for a few more weeks.
-I’ve been dying (DYING, I tell you) to make an HST quilt. I need to just buy the fabric and bite the bullet.
-Blog overhaul. The sidebar in particular is crap. I’m having trouble finding a wordpress theme that gives me 3 columns that’s still wide enough for large pictures, and I don’t know enough about HTML to make it work myself.
-Nursery decorations. I know, Allie is 8 months old, but I FINALLY found exactly the right materials for something I’ve been wanting to make since last year. All the stuff is bought, it just needs to be assembled.
-The embroidery part of my very first embroidered project is done. I just need to finish it up and show it off (hopefully tomorrow!) Want a (blurry, super close-cropped) preview?

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