It’s been a day

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A good one! But not without its little wrinkles.

I spent a good part of the afternoon sewing, which was awesome! But now I have a monster crick in my neck from being hunched over the machine so long. Then I was so excited to show you all the things (yes, plural!) I finished, when I realized I made a mistake that I haven’t made in awhile. That’s right, both camera batteries are dead.

I thought about taking iPhone pictures, but my memory is jam-packed with photos and videos of some baby. Like this one.

So see, it’s been a mostly good day. Of course, the best part happened this morning, when I found out that one of my cards got featured on not one, but TWO of the challenge blogs I linked it up to.

This Glitter Ritz tutorial that I posted last week was named one of the top five on Love to Create, and was named Pick of the Week by Rene from Make it Monday. I am honored!

One Comment on “It’s been a day”

  1. Joy

    We totally forgive your lack of photos of your sewing projects of the day when you share an adorable video like this one!! ;-)

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