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On Wednesday afternoon we’re heading east to spend a week and a half with family and friends. My younger brother and Sister-in-law will be in town before they move to Italy, and my younger younger brother will be moving back home from Sacramento, so we’ll get to sece all the grandparents, and all the aunts and uncles on my side. Unfortunately we’ll miss having the whole family in one place by about 3 days. The brothers just couldn’t get their schedules to match up.

Of course, we’re in crazy cleaning and packing mode now. The older Allie gets, the more stuff needs to come with us when we travel. And (Mom, don’t read this) I’m finding that I finally understand why my mother always needed the house to be immaculate before we left on a trip. I want this place spotless before we go.

All this to say crafting and posting will be limited over the next two weeks, but we shall return!

One Comment on “V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N”

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