The Best New Toy Tuesday Ever

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We’re back from vacation. I’m going to apologize in advance for the bad pictures. I’m being lazy about unpacking the camera and uploading pics, so iphone photos will have to do.

We had such a great trip home and really did not want to leave. Of course, I had big crafting plans for while I was gone and (almost) none of them came to fruition. I already spend large swaths of my day just watching Allie play or learn or sleep, but it’s a pastime that takes on whole new levels of fun when done with other people, particularly grandparents. Put this kid on a play mat and she will entertain you for hours with her sorry attempts at crawling.

So the knitting I brought to finish, and the photos I uploaded for the purpose of posting from afar fell by the wayside. Lucky for all of us, my never-ending need to acquire new supplies wouldn’t be forgotten as easily. Which leads me to this:

That sound you hear is angels singing. It’s a Bernina Aurora 440 Quilters Edition, and it has officially usurped my Pazzles and my Babylock as the most glorious craft supply I have ever owned. This thing has 180 stitches, 3 alphabets, memory settings, and the Bernina Stitch Regulator (a foot that makes free-motion quilting so easy even I can do it). So of course I had to play with it.

I’d been wanting to make a simple baby sling for Allie. It’s been a little hot for the Moby, and as much as I love my Beco it’s tough to carry around. This is perfect for warm days when you just need something to throw in the diaper bag.


She likes it more than she lets on. We did a test run at the grocery store today and she spent the whole trip looking around and smiling.

It took a little under 2 yards of fabric and maybe 2 total hours of work. I read a bunch of tutorials before I made this, so I didn’t really follow any one set of instructions. I did keep going back to this one, though. I’m considering taking it in about an inch or two. I purposely measured large to make sure she’d fit, so she sits just a little bit lower than I’d like.


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