Black and White Glitter Ritz

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Have you noticed I’m on a bit of a glitter kick? I’ve been furiously designing cards for my classes coming up at MLO. I’m taking a tiny break after this one, though. I need to switch over to sewing for a couple of days, and I have a fun stamping technique to show off.

But today, we’re still on glitter. I have a thing for black and white cards, and I’ve been wanting to try the black and white glitters from Glitter Ritz. They’re a little different from the other colors: a little more sandy in texture and not quite as sparkly. The white is opaque, unlike the Highlight glitters, which are transparent. So if you have both, you want to make sure you double check the labels to make sure you’re using the right one.

The other challenge with working in black and white (or any time you mix dark and light colors) is contamination. I did the black first and burnished it really well to make sure there were no sticky spots before I did the white, and I think it turned out pretty well.

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