Pazzles Stencils

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This happened today.

20 weeks and already so sassy.

Anyway, I post these weekly pictures on facebook, and I often get questioned on my perfect handwriting. Because anyone who knows me is well aware that my handwriting is nowhere near this nice.

But for once in my life, I planned something out so it would be ready to go when I needed it, and this is the result. Knowing that I wanted to make little chalkboard signs for each week of Allie’s first year, and knowing that they’d look terrible if I hand-wrote them myself, I made stencils.

Cut with my Pazzles of course. I made a couple different versions. One for 1-digit numbers and one for 2-digit numbers (I made them for the months, too). There are squares cut out and interchangeable numbers so I didn’t have to cut a whole new sheet for each week. Because we go through enough paper in this house, and we don’t need to waste any more.

I keep everything together in the baby’s room so each week I just set up my stencil, trace the words, and snap my picture. The hardest part is getting Allie to sit still.

The font, by the way, is Comic Sans. I’d be ashamed, but it actually works really well because it’s easy to trace and looks enough like handwriting to be natural. So now you know my secret.

2 Comments on “Pazzles Stencils”

  1. Christy Beans

    Poor comic sans… pariah of the font world. More personality than arial, more easily read than about 75% of the other "handwriting and casual" fonts out there, but used and abused by everyone and sundry… poor snubbed comic sans. LOL Very neat trick… and a cute idea altogether. =)

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