Crocheting with the Magic Circle

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When I was home a few weeks back, my aunt asked me for help crocheting baby hats. So I grabbed a ball of yarn and a needle from my mom’s craft stash and started to show her.

Her first question was, “how many do you chain to start the circle?” Answer? Zero. I always start my hats with the Magic Circle. It is perhaps my favorite crocheting trick, and the only method I use to work in the round. I wanted to put a tutorial on the blog, but quickly realized that a video would be easier.

Please excuse the production values. It took me about 15 takes to get one where the baby stayed quiet the whole time.

Oh, and ignore the end. I’d originally planned to post a picture of the ruffle hat I made for Allie (similar to this one), but I’m having trouble uploading the pictures. I’ll have them soon, though. And I will post a video on how to do the ruffle next week.

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