Circle Quilt Part 2

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Two miracles happened today. First, a certain baby I know napped from 8 am to noon! I know, I still can’t quite believe it. But second, and even more exciting, I finished my quilt! It’s a small quilt; only about 17×30 inches. But that doesn’t matter because I started it [read more…]

Circle Quilt

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I got a chance to work on some of that to-do list today. Still haven’t knocked anything off completely, but I’ll get there. Eventually. This morning I dragged all my sewing gear out into the dining room, figuring the baby has more toys out there and would sit still longer [read more…]

My Growing To Do List

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My works-in-progress pile is getting a little bit out of control. And my works-to-be-started pile is even worse. I need to write everything down so I don’t forget any of it. In no particular order: I started a quilt, a pillow, and a set of place mats quite a while [read more…]

Shimmer Sheetz Keychain

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I finally bit the bullet last week and bought a mom car. It was getting harder and harder to wrestle the carseat in and out of my 2-door, and I needed something that could fit the baby, the stroller, the dog, and the various and sundry other gear that I [read more…]

Happy Baby

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I interrupt my regularly scheduled crafting to bring you this picture of Allie on a carousel. We went to Happy Hollow in San Jose with some friends and had a great time. I can’t wait to go back when she’s big enough for the other rides. We’re both pretty worn [read more…]