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Sorry for the lack of updates this past week. Allie and I took a quick trip back east over the weekend, and it’s taken a couple of days to get back to our regular routine. It’s hard to blog at nap time when nap time doesn’t happen. So now, after a week of not blogging, I have enough material to talk about that I’m not sure where to start.

For one thing, as I was typing up this post this morning, Allie completely derailed my train of thought by rolling from her back to her tummy and back. Twice. Holy crap, guys. She’s mobile.

So I ended up playing with her until it was time to go to her 4 month checkup. Much like her mother, Allie does not enjoy shots. Now that I finally have her quiet and resting, I can get back to work.

SO ANYWAY, we had some pretty big causes for celebration over the weekend, which is why we traveled home.

First, was my brother’s safe return from Afghanistan. He returned to the States a few weeks ago, but this was Allie’s first opportunity to meet her Uncle Mike and Aunt Joy. They liked each other.

Next, we celebrated my mom’s birthday. I won’t reveal how old she is…partly because I don’t know. I’m terrible at keeping track of these kinds of things. But I made her this, which I will show off in much greater detail in another post. It was my first foray into book binding, and it was quite an adventure. .

Third, Allie turned four months old. Time is happening faster than it’s supposed to, I’m pretty sure.

And finally, my cousin, also named Allie, got married. Could you possibly cram any more fun into one weekend? I don’t think so. No wonder it took us 4 days to recover.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Al is up, and she and I need to get back to this rolling thing, because you know my mom expects a video.

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