Catching Up

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Sorry for the lack of updates this past week. Allie and I took a quick trip back east over the weekend, and it’s taken a couple of days to get back to our regular routine. It’s hard to blog at nap time when nap time doesn’t happen. So now, after [read more…]

Tank Top Take-In

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Today I interrupted my regularly scheduled crafting to try my hand at something completely new. I’ve had a very hard time finding nursing tops that are stylish, comfortable, and not completely ill-fitting. And by “very hard time” I mean it’s been impossible. In the week before Allie was born, I [read more…]

Shimmer Sheetz

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MLO just started carrying Shimmer Sheetz from Elizabeth Craft Designs, so I spent today designing a make-and-take that would properly show off how much fun this product is. So what are Shimmer Sheetz, exactly? They’re magical strips of mylar that can do practically anything. Okay, they can’t fly, but they [read more…]

How To Make The Perfect Pom-Pom

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(Or Pon-Pom or Pom-Pon or Pon-Pon, or whatever you call them.) I mentioned earlier this week that I love making hats. One of my favorite hat embellishments is the pom-pom on top. They’re extremely easy to make, but not if you use the traditional method. You were probably taught in [read more…]


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I’ve spent all day trying to get my iPhoto library organized and backed up in anticipation of a much-needed computer upgrade. Words cannot describe how soul-crushingly boring this endeavor is. I guess it’s not that bad. I mean I do get to look back at lots of wedding pictures honeymoon [read more…]

Behbeh Hats

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I’m just going to admit up front that this post is a shameless excuse to post adorable baby pictures. I did make the hats, though. The pink one is old. I made it probably 2 years ago. It was meant to be a cloche hat, but it’s huge on her [read more…]