Many Thanks

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There’s no such thing as a simple design, especially when you’re making 60 cards. This one just had a little bit of coloring. And this one only required me to cut out 500 tiny onesies. I love how they turned out, though. And it’s worth the work when you have [read more…]

New Toy Tuesday: Christmas Gifts

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Remember yesterday when I said I was behind on posts? I wasn’t kidding. Santa treated me pretty good this (last?) year. My first gift has been a major contributor to my lack of blogging over the last couple weeks. My Kindle Touch. I luuuurve this thing. I’ve been reading non-stop [read more…]


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I’m so behind on posts, and even though I have a backlog of cards and other things to talk about, I really want to show off my first almost-completely unassisted sewing project. I made these two aprons as thank-you gifts for my friends Heather and Hilary, who threw Jesse and [read more…]